DIY Nursery for Under $40


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Decorating your nursery; by far one of the most exciting activities in preparation for Baby’s arrival. Many pregnant mamas will feel that “nesting” itch; especially in the third trimester when The Day is so quickly approaching. Boy did I get it full force! My husband was deployed to Japan and I was growing restless in anticipation for our little bundle of joy to arrive.

   I have always been a crafty person (as well as a thrifty one) so I jumped at the chance to make my nursery decorations from scratch (saving us a bit of money in the process). Deciding to DIY it also gave me the freedom to go with any theme I could come up with. Those who know me were not shocked to find out that I chose both a Disney AND a book theme: Little Golden Book. These classic books had a look to them that I just adored and they offered many Disney versions.


   Now that I had a theme and a plan, I had to come up with the decorations themselves. I wanted to be careful not to overwhelm the room (thus over stimulating the baby) with my theme so instead I added some subtle touches. By doing so I was also able to save quite a bit of money by not loading up on a ton of themed merchandise.

   Although the following projects are specific to my nursery theme, they can easily be adapted to fit any theme; from nautical to princess to even jungle. Here are my simple, yet adorable (in my opinion) nursery decorations:

  1. I began by choosing a color scheme that would compliment my Little Golden Book theme. Buying solid fitted sheets only would have cost us roughly $8.00 per set (since we registered for them it cost us $0.00). Going with a solid versus a pattern gave the crib the neutral look I needed for my little details throughout the room to stand out. You could just as easily use navy blue for a nautical theme, pink for princess, or green for jungle! (Find solid fitted crib sheets here)1
  2. To compliment my theme I decided to use a copier machine to copy a few pages from one of the books we already had for the baby. I chose the part in  A Little Golden Book: Bambi when Bambi learns to say “Bird” because my husband often quotes it to be funny. By choosing something with special meaning I feel that it really made the nursery more than just a room; instead it was turning into something that had both mine and my husband’s hearts in it. I put the pages into frames we bought at the Dollar Tree then hung them next to the baby’s book shelf. To adapt this to your own theme you could find a children’s book about sail boats, princesses, etc. and copy a few pages to frame. Project Total: $3

  3. Next I copied a picture of Jiminy Cricket from another book and framed that with a frame from the Dollar Tree as well. Like the previous project, I carefully chose this picture so that it would have meaning. This particular choice was in memory of my Grandpa whose favorite was Pinocchio. Like the previous project, you could adapt this to fit your particular theme or even just print something from your favorite children’s book/show/movieProject Total: $1

  4. For directly above the crib I wanted to be sure to hang something lightweight (worried that something might fall into the crib). I immediately thought his initials would be cute! To keep with my theme, I decided to look up some inspiration on PinterestI simply searched for “Disney Letters” and found a variety of ways I could do my own. I drew the letters on construction paper that I already had (although you can find your own at any craft store or even at the Dollar Tree). I then cut them out and framed them in yet another Dollar Tree Frame. Project Total: $33
  5. The last project took a little more effort and time but was a lot of fun to do! If you don’t trust your painting skills or just don’t feel like doing it yourself, you could just as easily buy something similar to it online or in the store. After finding three identical canvases, I looked to Pinterest once again for inspiration. Since I often paint, I already had some cheap brushes and acrylic paints laying around. All of these supplies can be found online through this link: Amazon. Project Total: $154
       Each of these projects took me less than 30 minutes to create (except the canvas which took the weekend). Although simple, I believe it provided just the right amount of elegance that I was looking for in a nursery. Creating a cozy, homey environment to welcome my newborn baby to was important to both myself and my husband. You need to think about what you would be comfortable in because let’s face it, you will be spending A LOT of time in there. I truly hope you enjoyed what I have shared here! What are some simple touches or affordable DIY projects you added to your own nursery? I would love to hear from you!

7 thoughts on “DIY Nursery for Under $40

    • Thank you! Books have always been important to me so it was a lot of fun to pick some pages out to use! I of course couldn’t bring myself to rip out pages so I had to use the copier! Haha


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