Meal Prep Must Haves


This post contains affiliate links and may result in my compensation. These links are true recommendations for things that I would or do already use. Thank you so much for your support.

   For a busy mama, making breakfast and lunch day after day can be an exhausting and unnecessary task. To save time and energy throughout my week I have started meal prepping.

   I had seen multiple friends do it and thought about doing it for a while, so I finally made the decision to give it a shot. First things first, I needed the right tools to make this go as smoothly as possible (the goal is to make LESS work not more).

   Here is a compilation of my personal Go-To tools for meal prepping:

  1. Brownie Pan
    A muffin pan could work just as well but I personally prefer the brownie pan. The squares make for a pleasant presentation and I like the way it bakes the edges of whatever I’m cooking. Found at Amazon. There are a large variety of things you can prep using this: mini egg fritattas, banana bread squares, mini meatloaf, protein bars, etc.
  2. Crock-pot or Instant Pot
    Perfect for making things like chicken in bulk. Shred the meat up and use in recipes such as: chicken fajita salad or chicken salad sandwiches. Also found on Amazon: crock-pot, instant pot.
  3. Microwavable Veggie Steamer
    This will allow you to make vegetables in bulk while freeing up your stove/oven for other prepping. I use Pampered Chef’s micro-cooker which can be found at Amazon or by contacting your local consultant.
  4. Meal Prep Containers
    At first I thought these wouldn’t be necessary since I own Tupperware. However, after finding that all of my Tupperware was going towards a weeks worth of prepped breakfasts/lunches, I had none left for anything else like dinner leftovers. Figuring out that I needed more containers, I took some recommendations from friends and found a variety of options through Amazon (for only $15.49!). They even had little separators (perfect for picky children, and husbands!).


You may already have some of these items in your kitchen or you may find that certain substitutions work better for you and your family. Whatever you choose, I wish you luck on your healthy lifestyle endeavors! It is not easy to stay on track (especially when you’re a SAHM with a lot on your plate or a working mom with a jam packed schedule). I applaud you for all that you do while still putting in the effort to give your family a healthy lifestyle.

I’d love to hear about some of your favorite meal prep tools!

xoxo J.

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