Mission Valentine

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to come up with a fun and creative date with your special someone.

Now I’m a sucker for a good spy movie, that’s why I thought creating a “Top Secret Mission” for my man would be a blast!

The best part is that there is no one way to do this project. Feel free to let your creativity flow and adjust/improvise where you see fit!

For my “mission” I decided to buy two movie tickets on Fandango and use them as our “objective”, aka, date. It also just so happened the The Kingsman had just been released so it fit my theme pretty perfectly. However, you do not have to see a spy movie! 

If spy movies aren’t your cup of tea, you could just as easily make your “objective” a different movie at the theater. You could even have a 007 marathon at home or it doesn’t have to be a movie at all! You could go bowling or go do laser tag!

Whichever you choose just don’t forget to add personal touches. Include an inside joke or hide love notes in the notebook. Show your loved one that you put your heart into the gift.

With that said, let me explain how I created my Mission Valentine:


1 large yellow envelope (Dollar Tree)
Black sunglasses (these can be the expensive ones he’s had his eye on or a fun Dollar Tree pair or even check out this pair of Rearview Spy Glasses on Amazon)
1 Pack of fake mustaches or an equally silly disguise (Dollar Tree or Amazon)
Spy Kit (I found a decoder kit at the Dollar Tree but a plain notebook will work just as well. Also check out this disapearing paper on Amazon)
5 “Top Secret” Printables
2 “Danger Explosives” Printables
1 Sheet of yellow construction paper (Dollar Tree or Amazon sold in variety pack)
1 Sheet of red construction paper (Dollar Tree or Amazon sold in variety pack)
1 White Pipe Cleaner (Dollar Tree)
Sharpie and Tape
2 Packs of Rollos Candy
1 Pack of Twizzlers
2 Packs of Pop Rocks
1 Bag of Pop Secret Popcorn

Step One: Top Secret Popcorn

Simply take your popcorn and tape a “T” (using your yellow construction paper) in place of the “P” in “Pop”. It should now say “Top Secret”. This was my biggest clue to the date “objective”.

Step Two: “Explosive” Pop Rocks and Rollo “Dynamite”


For the Pop Rocks it was easy. Just cut out your two “Danger Explosives” printables and tape each to your two packs of Pop Rocks

For the TNT Rollos you need to wrap both packs in red construction paper giving it the illusion of a dynamite stick. Use a small piece of the white pipe cleaner for one end. Then take your sharpie and add on some cheesy sayings like, “You’re Dynamite!”. Voila!

Step Three: Secret Agent Disguise

Attach a “Top Secret” printable to the glasses and label them something cute like, “Supa cool agent shades”. Then take your mustaches and attach the other “Top secret” printable labeling it as your “secret agent disguise”.

Step Four: Twizzlers Rope

Attach a “Top Secret” Printable to the Twizzlers and label it “Rope”. Anyone who has seen Boondock Saints knows that rope is detrimental to any good mission.

Step Five: Top Secret Instructions
(pictured above next to the Twizzlers)

There are a few different options for this part:
Option A: I was able to find a message decoder notebook at the Dollar Tree. I wrote out our date plans using the secret message paper and tucked the movie tickets into the back of the notebook.
Option B: You can buy a regular notebook or use one you already have and write out clues or even make up your own secret code (like you may have done in middle school!).

** With either choice, I recommend filling the notebook with cute little love notes or cheesy pickup lines!

Step Six: Mission Valentine Envelope

Place your last “Top Secret” printable at the top of the envelope. Be sure to Label it:

Mission Valentine: Open if you choose to accept…
(oh and you have to accept, there’s no question about it)

Put everything inside and complete hand off.

Step Seven: Complete Mission

Put on those disguises and enjoy all of your hard work! Have fun and enjoy your time with your sweetie! Happy Valentines Day!

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