Date Night In: Subscription Box Review 

In exchange for my honest review I received the following box for free. The experience and opinions in this article are  my own. This article also contains affiliate links that could result in my compensation. Thank you for your support!

Contains Spoilers for the February subscription!


Before having our son my husband and I had fabulous weekend long dates full of fun and adventure. Now that we have parental responsibilities (to a son that we absolutely love and adore), the date night thing can be tricky. Between finding the time in my husband’s busy work schedule  and coordinating with someone to watch the baby, date nights can easily turn into more work than play.

My husband and I try our best to go out at least once or twice a month but is that truly enough? Should intimacy be limited to one or two nights a month? Often times we try to set aside time to connect at home after the baby is asleep. This usually means Netflix and some ice cream, and often results in the two of us on our phones candy crushing or facebooking.

So when I came across the Date Night In subscription box I was thrilled! The idea of someone preparing an intimate and creative date and delivering it to my door was a dream come true.

Before I go into detail about our experience let me give you a little bit of background: Created by Megan and Brian Pruitt, these full time working parents found themselves in a similar position as my husband Zach and I. In an effort to “keep the love alive” they got creative. From there the Date Night In box was born.

The box is offered in 4 different plans starting at $31.67/mo.

Our Experience. I was so excited when the box arrived that my husband and I decided to have the date as soon as we put our son to bed.

Setting the Mood. Even though we were at home, the Pruitt’s encourage you to create a romantic setting in your own living room. They even include little helpers in the box to make the most of your date night experience.

First they give you a bit of a hint by naming each box. This month it was “Win Me Over”. Assuming this meant there would be some sort of game we got comfortable, grabbed a couple of beers, and made a little nest of blankets and pillows on the floor.

The box included a very simple but interesting (from scratch) recipe for Eggplant Parmigiana! Inside the box we also found some flower pettals (which we sprinkled on the blanket). And lastly they include an item specific to the date that will help set the ambiance. This month seemed to call for a more playful intimacy and included a tingly lip balm! Perfect for adding a little spark of electricity to our kisses!

For an added bonus, the Date Night In website offers a romantic Spotify Playlist to play during the date. I really enjoyed this for the convinience and the large variety of artists they used.

The Snack. Everyone knows I enjoy a good snack! Each box includes a little treat for you to share. Ours came with pretzels and red candy melts to go with them. I dug into the pretzels (which of course go great with beer) and saved the candy for Valentine’s Day strawberries! (It’s your date, use it as you like)

The Activity. Game time! In this particular box we found a blind fold (oo la la), a hacky sack (uh oh), two pens (which as a writer I was more excited about than my husband), and some blank cards. The instructions read as follows:
We’re thinking oh boy! and heck yeah! One of the best parts of this experience was filling out the cards. It really encouraged us both to be creative and open up. I was a little embarrassed at first; writing the goody challenges was easy but writing the more romantic dares was difficult. I couldn’t believe I was embarrassed (he watched me give birth for goodness sake). This activity reminded me to open up to my husband like I did when we were dating and first married.

The Verdict. I’ll admit I was a little skeptical when I first saw the price of the box. I’m a thrifty shopper and spending up to $34.99 was a little unappealing; that is, until I thought about the cost of a typical date night out.

(Activity) Movie Tickets: $11.39/each 

Versus Date Night In Subscription

(Activity, snack, ambience) Subscription:

Those were numbers I couldn’t ignore. Yes, we could have bought snacks and hung out at home but we might never have thought to do a game like this. We wouldn’t have gotten out of our comfort zones and my husband never would have proclaimed his love for me while standing on his head.

That’s why I’m going to call this a win. I truly believe that this subscription box could benefit many relationships. Perfect for couples working full time with jam packed schedules or for the overwhelmed parents. Great for the young couple who find themselves netflixing or sitting on their phones. And ideal for the military family. As a Marine wife I know how difficult it is for couples to find reliable (and affordable) childcare being so far away from family. We are fortunate enough to be stationed just an hour away from my parents but I have many friends who are not so fortunate.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed reading about our experience with the Date Night In subscription box. Try it out for yourself by visiting:

Just choose a plan that works for you and create your account. Don’t forget to share your referral link and invite your friends for a chance to get your next box for FREE!

Want to see more? Head over to my review of their brand new Mom’s Night In box! 

Happy Valentine’s Day!


12 thoughts on “Date Night In: Subscription Box Review 

    • I love spending the night in! We tried going out after the Marine Corps Ball (my parents had the baby) and by like 10 pm I was ready to go home and get into my pjs!

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    • Yes! Again, it’s a great way to save money and honestly for us, staying in and having a night just the two of us (away from the rest of the world) is just what we need!


  1. If you’re interested in date night subscription boxes, there’s actually quite a few more options out there! Date Night In is not the only company that makes these – I just want to throw this out there in case anyone is looking around for ideas. 🙂 Also check out: Unbox Love, Crated With Love, Datebox, and Datebox Club….to name a few.

    Enjoy dating! 🙂

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