Kid’s Canvas Art


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I love canvas painting! Give me a blank canvas and some acrylic paint and I will be in heaven. There are endless possibilities for what you can do with it (even if you don’t consider yourself an artistic person). 

Since having my son I haven’t had much time to pursuer this hobby of mine (surprise, surprise). However, now that he’s 1 and showing interest in things like coloring, I figured it was time to introduce him to the big times.

So for my little Picasso in training, I bought a 5×7 canvas (most of the time you can find these in 2 packs so you’ll have one for yourself or if you have more than one little painter then it works out great!). I also picked up some paint MARKERS (non toxic and washable of course). I chose paint markers to avoid a large mess. A tiny mess I can handle, but putting a jar of paint and a cup of dirty paint water in front of my paint brush wielding toddler did not sound like a good time. Instead I went with the markers that were easy for him to grip and control while painting.

Now since I’m realistic I didn’t expect my 1 year old to do much more than scribble on the canvas (he’s smart but hasn’t quite mastered his shapes yet). However, the crafter in my needed to somehow help make the painting into something.

This part was simple. I took some masking tape from my husbands tool box and placed it onto the canvas in the shape of a “W” (for our last name).

Now it was ready for the little artist. All I had left to do was give it to C and let him go Wild. He loved mixing the colors and scribbling all over the canvas. It was especially fun when I had to convince him that it was okay to have paint on his hands…he didn’t believe me. 

So after pausing to wash his hands off every few minutes (hahaha what can I say, my kid likes to be clean) we made sure that all of the white canvas around the tape was colored. I (with the help of my apprentice painter), pulled the tape of to see our finished result!!

If you think your own little artist in training is ready for a project of their own try this one out!!


5×7 canvas (Hobby Lobby Or Amazon)

Masking Tape

Non Toxic/Washable Paint Markers (Hobby Lobby or Amazon)


1. Choose a design (initials, shapes, numbers, etc.) then use the tape to create that design on the canvas.

2. Let your little one go to town on the canvas. Help guide at the end to make sure no more white is left visible.

3. Once dried, gently pull the tape off (my little one enjoyed helping with this part too).

4. Enjoy your little prodigy’s work of art!

Do you have a little artist in training at home? I’d love to hear what your little Picasso’s first art project was!

4 thoughts on “Kid’s Canvas Art

    • I didn’t even notice that! Hahaha that’s funny because that’s one of the themes I’m considering for his room redecorating!


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