One Comfy Mama: Lularoe by Haley Watson Review

This is a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinions are my own and are an honest review of the products mentioned.

Since becoming a mom I feel like I’m constantly on the go. Our days are filled with appointments, grocery trips, play dates, or park trips. Even at the house we’re either playing or cleaning up!

I’ll be honest, I have a love-hate relationship with clothes. I want to look “put together” but I also want to be comfortable while I’m playing tag with my son or vacuuming the house.

I discovered Lularoe about a year ago and have been hooked ever since. My closet is currently about 80% Lularoe, making me one comfy mama!
You may ask why Lularoe?

  • I don’t have to take my 18 month old to the store to shop for clothes! This means no fitting room catastrophes! No more rushing and breaking a sweat to try things on before my toddler loses his patience.
  • Individuality. Have you seen the prints/patterns they have to offer? It’s incredible! I never thought I’d be able to show off my personality just by wearing a pair of leggings.
  • Self esteem. I feel beautiful in these clothes (otherwise I wouldn’t have stocked my closet with just about every style they have to offer). The best part is I can look beautiful for every stage of my life! I don’t worry about my “mom bod” while I’m wearing Lularoe and once we get pregnant with baby number two, I can guarantee I won’t be going out to buy maternity clothes but will instead wear my Lula!
  • The amazing quality. These clothes are fabulously made (regardless of the style) and as long as you follow the laundry instructions they’ll last you quite a while!
  • Clothes for the whole family. They produce lines for women, men, and children. I don’t want to run around to a million different stores for each family member.
  • FREE clothes! Yes free, many of you probably already know that by hosting a pop up or online party you can earn the clothes for free. Those closest to me know I would NEVER spend full price on anything. So when I found out I could earn free product by hosting, I was thrilled! I don’t know about you but Target has never offered me free clothes…

Many of you may have already heard about Lularoe so you already know about the great things I listed above. But I’m here to tell you a little secret…each Lularoe experience is different. This clothing company was created to give individuals the opportunity to create a boutique all their own. These people are called “consultants” and each one follows a basic retail plan provided by Lularoe, but there are also consultants who go above and beyond for their customers.

Finding a good Lularoe consultant is like finding a personal shopper. How is that not a dream come true? Not only am I able to shop online and avoid taking my rambunctious toddler to the store but I now have someone to put outfits together for me!

One such consultant is Haley Watson out of Jacksonville, NC. Haley decided to join the Lula-family January 28 of this year. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a member of her VIP Facebook group (here).  As a consultant Haley handpicks the styles that she carries with her customers in mind. She takes the time to get to know her customers and their style.

(Pictured above: Haley in a Carly dress and Joy with her daughters who are wearing the new line of mommy and me leggings paired with their adorable Gracie Tops!)

Haley makes you feel like you’re part of her family. And you get to know her family since she often has her Husband and her daughters help her in the live sales! She treats each customer with the same respect that a friend would and her page includes a unicorn search where she will help you find your much sought after styles and patterns. She offers amazing giveaways and even includes various prizes in some of her live sales. Even when I’m not shopping I like to tune in to watch.

(Pictured above: the Watson family dressed head to toe in their Lularoe! Haley’s husband is sporting the Randy, as is their son!)

I’ve known Haley for some time now and I think a big part of why I enjoy her live sales and the way she runs her business, is that she’s also a mom. She understands the struggle to feel beautiful when you’re kid is wiping snot on your shoulder or spitting up in your hair. She’s been there in that fitting room with a screaming child who’s reached their limit. You can tell just from speaking to her, that she loves what she does and is putting her heart and personality into it.

(Pictured above: Haley in a pair of leggings from the mommy and me collection matched with an Irma top. Me to the right in leggings, a Perfect Tee, and a Lindsay cardigan.)

While writing this review, Haley took the time to answer a few of my questions in an effort to get to know her business better.

Me: In your opinion, what sets Lularoe apart from other clothing/boutique businesses?

Haley: What sets Lularoe apart is the way you buy the clothes. Instead of loading my kids in the car, packing for a trip to the store, and having to go through the hassle of trying on clothes (while breaking up fights between my kids), listening to them complain, and then leaving empty handed, I can attend a Lularoe party; socialize, enjoy refreshments, and shop in a relaxed setting.

Many pop ups are kid friendly so my children can play while I shop. I can try things on, get my friends’ opinion, and support a small business owner! Or I can shop online without ever loading the kids into the car. Once I figured out which sizes worked for me it became more fun to shop online and find a print I loved!

Me: What inspired you to take the leap and become a consultant?

Haley: It was the change I saw in myself after being able to find outfits that made me feel beautiful and comfortable. I was in a fashion slump and never took the time to buy anything just for me. When I found Lularoe all of that changed. Having children caused me to sort of lose myself. Through fashion I found myself again.

I also realized the blessings I could provide my family as a consultant. I have 3 little girls and Lularoe has given me the ability to provide my girls with things like swimming lessons and gymnastics.

Me: What do you believe makes Lularoe by Haley Watson stand out?

Haley: I am committed to providing good customer service! I want every person to be happy with their purchase from me. If a customer is unhappy, I do everything I can to make it right. I also treat every member of my group equally (whether one person is a frequent customer or if a member has never purchased from me). I care for each and every person that takes the time to join my VIP group.

I want to teach my daughters to live by the golden rule: treat others the way you would want them to treat you. The best way for me to teach them this, is to live by it myself. That’s reflected in my business.

I know people can buy Lularoe from anyone but I want to build a community of women uplifting each other while enjoying their love for fashion.

* Haley even sets up monthly fundraisers to support various causes! In March she helped a friend raise funds for the Down Syndrome Network. And this past April she raised for one of her VIP members’ autistic son who needed help funding his ABA and speech therapy.

Me: What’s your all time favorite Lularoe piece?

Haley: The Carly Dress! It’s perfect for year ’round wear. I can tie it up on the side and wear it with leggings or wear it alone during the heat of the Summer. I also love the many different fabrics and prints that the Carly comes in and it runs big so instead of wearing a medium I get to wear SM or XS!

End interview.

(Pictured Left: Leggings, Perfect Tee, Lindsay Cardigan. Pictured Right: Irma Top and Mommy and Me leggings.)

I am an obvious fan of Lularoe. It works for my family, allows for easy shopping, gives me the opportunity to earn free/discounted clothes, and the clothes are beautiful! I’m able to be comfortable AND fashionable. I can look put together with little to no effort and I have my own personal shopper without the added expense. And once you find a consultant you connect with, the experience improves tenfold!

If you haven’t tried Lularoe yet, I truly recommend trying it out! Become one comfy mama like me! You can follow Haley’s Lularoe adventure in her VIP group in Facebook: HERE

(Pictured above: Haley’s girls sporting a pair of leggings from the Mommy and Me collection matched with the Gracie Top!)

Before you go, check out this incredible giveaway Haley has generously offered!

Enter to win one free pair of Mommy & Me leggings from the newly introduced Spring line. To be eligible you must:

  1. Follow Beautifully Imperfect Mama on Instagram
  2. Join Haley’s VIP group on Facebook
  3. Comment on giveaway photo letting us know you’ve joined!

Contest will run from May 1, 2017 until May 15, 2017. Winner will be announced Tuesday May 15 at 8:30 pm EST. Open to U.S. residents only.

Photos courtesy of Lawson & June Photography. Find them on facebook!

Have you tried Lularoe yet? If so, I’d love to hear about your favorite style in the comments below!

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    • Haley is great at finding what her customers are searching for! Check out her VIP fb page! the link is at the bottom of the review ❤


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