Nescafé Genio 2 Coffee Maker Review

The following products were gifted to me by Nescafé Dolce Gusto as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap. I received complimentary products to facilitate my honest review. Target & Amazon links may lead to affiliate compensation. Thank you for your support!

Okay mamas, raise your hand if you love coffee! Did you raise it? Then keep reading. Do you not only love coffee but prefer to order specialty drinks when you go to your local coffee shop (i.e. macchiatos, lattes, hot chocolate)? If you answered yes, keep reading!

I would like to introduce to you our newest kitchen member, the Genio 2. Naturally my husband and I were excited and pulled it out immediately to try it. The first thing we noticed is the chic and futuristic look of the machine, the next thing we noticed was how compact it is! We live in an apartment so space is limited. I also cook a lot so I need my counter space. The Genio 2 fit perfectly in it’s own corner and that is where it continues to reside.

I’ll admit I was skeptical at first since we already had a coffee maker and since I hadn’t actually heard about Nescafe’s line of coffee makers before. But all of that melted away when I found out what this machine can do!

What I can brew in my Genio 2

The Genio 2 acts as a specialty coffee maker and brews countless cafe style beverages.

  • Hot chocolate
  • Espressos
  • Machiattos
  • ICED coffee
  • Classic light, medium, dark roasts
  • Other specialty and milk based drinks

Coffee sampled

Although my husband and I love our frapacinnos and Machiattos, we also like a classic brewed cup of Joe. Three of the coffees we tried with this complimentary sample were the light roast, medium roast, and dark roast.

These were all great brews that I can easily see myself buying and drinking on a regular basis. Another perk is how frothy the coffee comes out; just like a coffee you would get at your favorite coffee house!

The next sample was the Au Lait which was a personal favorite of mine!

So easy to use even THIS mama could figure it out!

I am SO not good with technology or machines…or at following directions. I like my appliances to be simple to use and was worried that the Genio 2 wouldn’t be that. However, after making sure the water tank is filled up and the base is adjusted to my cup size (to prevent unnecessary splashing), all I have to do is insert the pod and select the setting shown on the pod itself. Then I just pop the top lever to the right if I want my coffee hot or to the left if I want it cold for an iced coffee! After that I wait and watch the green lights; every time one goes off, it means I’m that much closer to enjoying my coffee!

All in all

Being a coffee lover makes the Genio 2 a great coffee maker for my family. But being a mom, makes the Genio 2 the perfect addition to my household!

No more fighting to get my toddler dressed and out the door for a simple cup of coffee. No more getting up at the crack of dawn to grab that weekend macchiato. Now I can just grab the desired pod and pop it in! (The best part?…I can do it in my pjs!)

For those if you considering adding the Nescafé Dolce Gusto Genio 2 to your family, here is my overall review:


  • The look, chic and futuristic means I don’t feel the need to hide it!
  • It’s compact. If I DID want to hide it or easily store it, I could!
  • Brews hot AND cold without having to purchase “iced coffee pods”.
  • Base moves to accommodate cup size (no more splashing on your clean counter!)
  • Includes an “eco mode” (shuts itself off after 5 min. of inactivity)
  • Pods are recycleable.
  • Brews coffee AND other specialty drinks.
  • Affordable. The machine runs at $129.99 (competitor brands range $99-179) and the pods average at $9.49.
  • Easy to use and convenient!


  • If you’re not a specialty coffee drinker then this machine might offer too much for you.
  • Only works with Nescafé Dolce Gusto brand pods.
  • Pods are currently only sold at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and on Amazon.
  • If you enjoy the ambiance of your local coffee shop, you may not find that same experience at home, with the Genio 2.

I hope this review was helpful if you’re looking for a new coffee experience. If you’re interested in the Genio 2, has a limited time offer (as of May 21, 2017) for two free pre-selected coffee products with every new machine purchase; limited time only; up to four machines per order. 

Have you tried the Genio 2 yet? What were your thoughts? Are you a home coffee brewer or a regular at your local coffee shop?

If you’re interested in the chance to sample some amazing products and earn gift cards check out Crowdtap today!

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