Giving Thanks With The Kid’s Night In Box



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As my son gets older it’s becoming more important to me that we start focusing on meaningful lessons during playtime. One thing we focused on last month was Giving Thanks.

In a world of increasing entitlement we want to raise our kids to be grateful. From family to the waitress at our favorite restaurant, I want them to acknowlege all that others do for them. Which leads me to our latest playtime adventure…

The Kid’s Night In Box

If you’re a regular visitor here at Beatuifully Imperfect Mama then you may have read a couple of my reviews on Night In Boxes. Well to my excitement they recently released a Kid’s Night In Box!

Each box comes curated with a variety of activities for kids ages 3-11. Our November box came with some great tools for our lesson on Giving Thanks.


Activity One: What do Giving and Charity Mean to You?

We spent some time reading the book included in the box, then talked about things like: who shares with us, who shows us love, and how WE can give back.


Activity Two: Operation Gratitude 

Gratitidue doesn’t just extend to those we know and care about. It should also take into account the heroes we haven’t met. We used the paper, envelope, and stamp provided to send a letter to a hero. Since my toddler wasn’t quite ready to write a heartfelt message I took care of that while he colored a picture for them. Meanwhile I had a chance to talk to my little one about what makes a hero.


Through Operation Gratitude and Night In, our letter was able to make it to a troop, a veteran, or a first responder along with a care package provided by the company.


Activity Three: Bake Cookies

This one was a favorite of ours! We were able to do one of our favorite things and bake together. With the mix provided, my LO and I made cookies to give to those we’re most thankful for.


The subscription even came with cute bags and gift tags to color!


Activity Four: Plant with Purpose

Another charity Night In teamed up with in November was Plant with a Purpose. They work in various communities to fight poverty and provide farming techniques to the people in those communities. In honor of this mission we planted the provided seeds while talking about how planting trees, grass, food, and flowers can help us take better care of the Earth and each other.


My toddler might not be quite old enough to comprehend that but the way I see it is, that by doing activities like this and talking about these things now, I am planting the seeds for when he IS old enough to understand and care about the world around him.

Our Experience

I have to say, there were a lot of things I loved about this Kid’s Night In Box. I appreciated that there were “lessons for the little ones” and “lessons for the older children” listed in the booklet. This makes it a much more versatile subscription for families with kids in different age groups. It even makes it possible for us to use it as my son gets older.

I also loved the creativity and meaning behind each activity. But what I appreciated most about this was how it gave us genuine quality time. I didn’t have to Pinterest or Google activities then go out searching endless aisles for the supplies. Only to be tired and “over it” by the time I got home.

Instead I was able to open a box and focus on having FUN with my son. And maybe my 2 year old didn’t get the lesson completely, but he still understood that this was quality time we were spending together. He still hear words like thankful, helpful, and giving. As long as I continue to talk to him about these things I know that he will grow up to be respectful and grateful to those in the world around him.

I personally am grateful to have had the opprotunity to explore this subscription box provided by Night In Boxes. We will be looking forward to our next one!


What are some ways you Give Thanks with your family? Have you tried a Kid’s Night In box yet? SHARE your experience below!

For more visit Night In Boxes!

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