14 Must Have Pampered Chef Products


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It’s 6:00 on a Tuesday night and I should have started dinner half an hour ago. At this point I’ve Lost all motivation and will likely pop a cup of Easy Mac into the microwave for my toddler.

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. As a stay at home mom, I face so many moments throughout the week where I immediately turn to sugary snacks or pre-made, processed meals. It’s not that I don’t like to cook, I actually love it. But I’m often faced with situations where we’re running late to an appointment or play date or spending the day running errands. Or I have a fussy toddler who wants me to play dinosaurs instead of going to the kitchen to cook for an hour.

As easy as it is to throw fruit snacks in the diaper bag or microwave a frozen dinner on these days, it’s just not satisfying. Most of the time these foods don’t leave us feeling full. Honestly, nothing can compare to fresh, healthy food.

So I have been left with wondering how we as moms and wives can make sure our family is getting high quality snacks and meals without resulting in us being in the kitchen all day. And without leaving us stressed out or feeling guilty for a less than nutritional meal.

This is why I have decided to partner with Pampered Chef Independent Executive Consultant, Julie Gizzi. We wanted to bring you a list of MUST HAVE, TIME SAVING Pampered Chef products. I put a lot of thought into this list for both myself and for you!

Who Is Pampered Chef?

Pampered Chef is a longstanding company that has provided high quality, innovative kitchen tools for generations. I kid you not. If you were to go into my Grandma’s kitchen right this second I can absolutely guarantee what you will find…Pampered Chef!

From entertaining guests to whipping up the perfect dinner for the family, many have come to rely on Pampered Chef to make these tasks easier and more enjoyable.

14 Must Have Kitchen Tools By Pampered Chef

1. The basics – knives, cutting boards, pans, etc.

These tools are the foundation to making a great meal for the family. A personal favorite that I feel the need to mention is the Large Flexible Cutting Mat Set. They are stylish and easy to store. And even come with educational info on things like portion control and knife techniques! That means no more Googling or wasting time weighing your food for portions!


2. The Microwave Egg Cooker and Small Ridge Baker

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day…but let’s be honest, as busy moms we’ve all either skipped it or thrown our kid a pop tart and called it a day. There IS an alternative however. With the Microwave Egg Cooker and the Small Ridge Baker you have a fast and healthy option. Use them for eggs, breakfast sandwiches, and even bacon for a hearty breakfast MICROWAVED in just a few short minutes!


3. The Ceramic Egg Cooker

I love the versitility of Pampered Chef products! Not only is the Ceramic Egg Cooker quick and easy to use but just take a look at the many different things you can do with it!


4. The Cut ‘n’ Seal

Make an “on the go” lunch with this simple little gadget. It’s so fast and easy to use and has become a staple in our house. I especially love using it to make uncrustable sandwiches for road trips, the beach, and picnics! (See it in action here)


5. The Small Cool and Serve

Another lunchtime helper, the Small Cool and Serve, is a great tool to use on the go. Take it to the pool, the park, in the car, or to that peewee football game. Skip the long line at the drive thru and instead pack a healthy lunch. It will keep things like fruits, veggies, dips, and deli meats cool for 4-6 hours, even outside! (See how to pack the perfect snack tray here)


6. Snack time Slicers and Wedgers

My family loves snacking on fruits and veggies throughout the day. I’m just not a fan of standing in the kitchen slicing and wedging for what feels like FOREVER. That is where Pampered Chef has come in. The following tools are unbelievable time savers (not just for snacks but for lunch and dinner too): Apple Wedger (top left),  Veggie Wedger (top right), Quick Slice (bottom left), and the Egg Slicer Plus (bottom right).


7. The Close and Cut Set

Another noteworthy tool for cutting is the Close and Cut. It’s great for quick and SAFE  cutting for things like chicken, bagels, veggies, and fruits.


8. Micro Cookers

It’s dinner time now and you have a million things going on at once! In my case I’m so distracted by my toddler trying to find the cookie stash that I have either overcooked the veggies or forgetten to make them althogether. That is why I adore my Micro Cooker for steaming veggies quickly in the microwave. It’s even great for soups and noodles too or for heating leftovers in a jiffy!


9. The Rice Cooker Plus

Similar to the Micro Cooker, the Rice Cooker Plus is a time and space saver. Use it in the microwave to save some room on that busy stovetop. And just see for yourself all of the different foods you can make using it in the MICROWAVE!


10. The Manual Food Processor

These next three products are my favorite dinner time tools. The Manual Food Processor is perfect for so many things! From making a side of fresh garden salsa to a smoothie for dessert. You can even make your own baby food with it! And the best part? IT’S QUIET! No more noisy motor waking the baby from nap time.


11. The Food Chopper

For me, this would have made the list solely for the fact that I can chop onions without crying! It does however, also work great for chopping other things too, like meats and nuts. My toddler loves to help me with this one!


12. The Mix ‘n’ Chop

It might not look like much but it is the most used tool in my kitchen. Take a look below at how many uses it has!


13. The Rockcrock or Deep Covered Baker

Both bring so much to the table, or in this case the kitchen! The Rockcrock is used in our home on the stovetop, in the oven, broiler, microwave, and even on the grill! Just make sure to compare it to the Deep Covered Baker to see which would be best for your family. The latter is a great option for chicken, turkey, casseroles, and even cakes! (to be used in the oven or the microwave)


14. The Everyday Tote Set

Okay so this one was just too cute to pass up! These days I enjoy taking my own bags to the store. So why not use one that is both stylish and sustainable? Not to mention, it has handy clips that hook right onto your shopping cart!


My Kitchen

So now you’ve seen some of my favorite Pampered Chef products. My list could go on and on…and it did! I had to shorten it…TWICE! But I wrote this post with a specific goal in mind. To help moms and wives realize that they don’t have to dread the kitchen.

Julie and I are challenging families everywhere to utilize tools in their kitchen to create healthy eating habits and make food fun! When I say fun, I mean for everyone involved. This includes having YOU in and out of that kitchen in record breaking time!

This also isn’t to say that I won’t still grab the occasional fruit snack or feed my kid frozen waffles in the morning. I’m just suggesting that it doesn’t have to be the only FAST and EASY option.

Julie’s Journey With Pampered Chef

Interested in learning more about Pampered Chef and what they have to offer? Find out more about Julie and her journey as a wife, mother, and Pampered Chef consultant by reading her interview below:

Q. How has becoming a consultant impacted you and your family?

A. When I became a consultant it was about 1 ½ years before our son was born. We were definitely at that stage of life where we were ready to settle down. The month I ordered by new consultant kit my husband, Mike, finished his PhD, I finished my Master’s degree and we bought our first house. Just 10 months before that we moved across the country for our jobs and I was feeling homesick. I ordered a kit so I could make money for 2 plane tickets and so I could get Pampered Chef products for free. I planned on doing this for just a couple of months and then I’d go on my merry way!

The positive impact was felt right away! I bought plane tickets, then we started chipping away at student loan debt and when Nick was born everything changed! I went back to work after maternity leave and it just wasn’t the right fit for our family. Mike saw the potential in my Pampered Chef “hobby” to help support us and suggested I give it my focus so I could be home with Nick. I was scared, but jumped at it because I so desperately wanted to be home. Within 9 months I matched my full-time income.

I was able to be with Nick most of the day and I got a break a few times a week, which gave Mike some solo-dad time. I volunteered in his classroom and as he got older I was one of the only moms among his friends who was around during the day, so kids have always been comfortable hanging out here and I generally knew who his friends were.

I learned a lot about how to cook healthy for my family as a result of my business!

Because of the success of my Pampered Chef business we are able to send Nick to college and pay cash for everything! He’s a junior and unlike many kids his age, he’ll have no student loan debt.

One thing that did surprise me as part of this journey is how my confidence grew as a result of having a successful business. Feeling accomplished outside of being mom kept me going professionally. I know that this balance of personal satisfaction positively impacted our marriage.

Q. In your opinion, what is the biggest struggle moms face in the kitchen?

A. I think there are 3 or 4 main struggles for moms in the kitchen: basic cooking skills need work, lack of time, catering to picky eaters, and the need for organization which planning.

Q. What products do you find most helpful when cooking for family and friends?

A. Outside of appliances the main tools every kitchen needs: knives, cookware, bakeware/stoneware and cutting boards/mats. These are at the foundation of preparing everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Solid tools that do the job, are easy to clean and fun to use are great for providing inspiration and for helping you be more confident with preparing food.

Q. Do you have any big plans on the horizon? 

A. There are a handful of projects I’m working on currently:
First, I have been teaching meal planning at my in-home parties for years and occasionally get invited to teach community enrichment classes in my community focusing on the same. I am constantly see posts about meal services that entice people by providing packages of fresh ingredients designed to make cooking easier. These systems tend to be expensive and all too often I hear people with young kids say they feed the kids “kid food” for dinner and after they go to bed the parents have their meal. Meal Planning isn’t just about knowing what you’re going to have for dinner. It’s also about prioritizing that time to share around a common table.

Second, I have developed a fun Virtual Party experience focused on cooking healthy and using more veggies in new ways. My Virtual experience features several short/engaging videos so that guests get a variety of short cooking lessons over the course of 5 days. They have been very well received by people of all ages, but especially by people who are cooking for young and busy families.


Get Cookin’ Mama

I hope this post has been an inspiration to you! I can’t wait to hear about which time saving tools you turn to this year. Or what shortcuts you’ve found work for you in the kitchen.

Come back and share with us, your experience with Pampered Chef in the kitchen! What time saving products do you already turn to when making healthy choices for your family? Which in the list above are you excited to try out? Post them below!

***READER SPECIAL!!! Get an extra $25 in FREE PRODUCT for virtual parties held by the end of March with Julie Gizzi!!! Just mention this blog post when booking. You can visit her website or find her on Facebook!

32 thoughts on “14 Must Have Pampered Chef Products

    • The micro cooker is definitely one of the most handy! I got my chopper through a party I hosted! I almost passed on it but couldn’t resist the idea of chopping onions without crying! Haha


    • I think the small ridge baker is my husband’s favorite (cooking bacon without the splatter!) and My toddler loves helping me with the cut n seal!


  1. Thank you for the great post! I’ve always loved Pampered Chef and have a couple items on this list like the apple wedger and Cut N Seal! I’ll have to check out some of their other products!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m trying to minimize my kitchen and certainly don’t need ALL of these products although they do sound great. If you were to recommend just ONE of these items, what would it be? I hear great things about Pampered Chef so I know they have long lasting products.

    Liked by 1 person

    • For me it would be the micro cooker. I use it for lunches and dinners and for steaming veggies for snacks. BUT when I recommend to a friend I would ask what their biggest struggle in the kitchen is right now. Is it snack time? (I would say get one of the slicers or wedgers) Is it breakfast? (I would say the egg cooker) Or is it dinner? (Then I would say the rockcrock or deep covered baker!)


    • Yeah the mix n chop is perfect for hamburger meat! I also use it for bananas when we make banana bread! My 2 year old likes to help by mashing them!


  3. I just added so many things to my wishlist!!! I love the cutting boards and the mix and chop! The shopping bag that fits in the cart looks awesome. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to make my life easier!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for all of the positive feedback everyone! It was so fun to work with Jordan from beautifullyimperfectmama on this blog. I loved seeing HER Top 14 recommendations! If you would like to learn more about cooking for your families and see how Pampered Chef can help check out my Facebook Community and send a request to join in. We share lot of fun info there and you’ll love the giveaways and interaction: https://www.facebook.com/groups/398063470647280/

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have always been a strong believer in the products and I love seeing the direction you and the company are going! Anything to help us provide our family with the best nutrition for our minds and bodies without taking up all of our time is worth supporting!

      I definitely recommend joining the fb group Julie has listed above!


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