Wee Blessing Clothing Subscription Review



This is a sponsored post written in exchange for sample product. As always, all thoughts and opinions are genuine and my own. We appreciate your support here at Beautifully Imperfect Mama!

To say that shopping with kids is frustrating would be the understatement of the year. The hassle of getting my toddler dressed and out the door alone makes me break out in a sweat. As I sat at home six months pregnant, I cringed at the thought of taking not one but TWO kids shopping for clothes.

Around that same time I was told by my editors at the Military Moms Blog about an opportunity to try a game changing subscription box called Wee Blessing.

Of course I was practically foaming at the mouth for the opportunity to review a clothing subscription that not only dresses kids, but the WHOLE family (adults and maternity included)!

Who is Wee Blessing

If you’re anything like me I’m sure you’re wondering who is behind the company and why it stands out amongst the many other clothing subscriptions popping up around the web. Wee Blessing was founded by a working mom of two. She knew the struggle I described above and had the same anxieties about shopping that many of us have.

She designed a company that would offer moms the best quality clothing for their family at a fraction of the cost. Each child’s blessing includes 4 outfits styled to their preferences. All I had to do was create a style profile for my son that included his likes/dislikes (from favorite color, to favorite superhero).

Once the profile was complete and the order was placed all I had to do was wait. Once receiving the package, I would be asked to decide within 10 days from delivery which pieces I would like to keep and be charged for. This is actually great for picky kids like mine who may be excited about a shirt at first sight only to decide two days later that they hate the color blue. Or for the busy mom who doesn’t have time to get to the post office the very next day to return the pre labeled package.

Another thing that I was looking forward to was how affordable they said the clothes would be. Not only could I look forward to name brands like Under Armour and BabyGap but I was going to get them at 40-60% off retail! Do you have any idea how much couponing and searching that would have required had I gone out to the stores myself? Of course you do because I’m sure you’ve been there too!

And just when I’m thinking it can’t get any better, I see that when you decide to keep all 4 outfits, you get an ADDITIONAL 10% off.

Honestly at this point I am in love with Wee Blessing and I haven’t even opened the box yet. Of course there was still the matter of what my two year old would think…

Arrival and Unboxing

When the box arrived it felt like Christmas. Both my son and I immediately jumped at the package to see what surprises it held. It was the moment of truth…

Outfit One

Dinosaurs! By far the most exciting piece for my Dino obsessed toddler. It was the first thing he snatched out of the box. It was paired with an adorable pair of Levi’s (Similar to a pair of shorts my husband already owns! I love when they can match!).


Epic Thread’s Orange Striped Dinosaurs Short Sleeved Tee
Retail: $14.00
My cost: $6.00

Levi’s Khaki Pull on Shorts
Retail: $40.00
My cost: $16.00


Outfit Two

After recently starting soccer, I made sure to check the athletic box in our profile. I was extremely happy to find such a well put together outfit! A sporty one that wouldn’t make it look like he just rolled out of bed.


Under Armour Black Americana Logo Athletic Tee
Retail: $17.99
My cost: $8.00

Nike White/Black Patterned Athletic Shorts
Retail: $28.00
My cost: $12.00


Outfit Three

Mom’s of boys will understand the hype of all things truck and rescue. Fire trucks, police cars, and helicopters, OH MY! This shirt paired with a casual pair of lounge shorts was a play date outfit dream!

Carter’s Red Heroes in Training Short Sleeved Tee
Retail: $14.00
My Cost: $6.00

BabyGap Heather Gray Drawstring Lounge Shorts
Retail: $16.95
My cost: $7.00


Outfit Four

Last but not least, Wee Blessing even took into account my brief mention of going to the beach this Summer. They included this great “ocean vibes” outfit for my little beach bum.

Sonoma Sea Blue Ocean Vibes Pocket Tee
Retail: $20.00
My Cost: $8.00

Nautica Slate Gray Drawstring Shorts
Retail: $34.50
My cost: $16.00


Overall Impression

The amount of thought that went into my son’s outfits, coupled with the unbelievable discounts was a dream come true.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first about what we would get; assuming we would receive generic, thrown together pieces. But Wee Blessing truly went above and beyond and exceeded expectation.

From the profile questionnaire to the unboxing itself, I genuinely enjoyed the experience. It was all the benefit with none of the hassle.

The security of knowing I can switch subscriptions types or even skip a month is nice as well. Not to mention the relief of knowing I can shop for the entire family this way (women, plus size, men, teens, children, and even maternity).

In my opinion, Wee Blessing is sincerely a blessing to busy, overwhelmed mamas everywhere.

Want to see if Wee Blessing is a fit for your family? Use the coupon code MilitaryMomsBlog and receive 20% off of your first blessing!

Don’t forget to check out the referral program while you’re there!

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