#MichaelsChallenge Maternity Edition

Title Photo Michaels Challenge

It All Started When…

Surely you’ve come across the fun new photography trend called the #MichaelsChallenge? My girlfriends and I took it upon ourselves to accept the challenge and do it with a twist…as a maternity shoot!

At nearly 40 weeks pregnant I had absolutely no desire to brave the Carolina heat and do a photo shoot in 88 degree weather (not to mention the humidity). So when the idea of using the famed craft store came up, my response was “ABSOLUTELY!”.

Anyone who knows me knows that I visit the craft store at least once a week so this setting was ideal for me. It’s only fitting that a DIY mama such as myself get my maternity photos done in a place like Michaels.

So we set out (Starbucks in hand) to make some magic happen!

Scroll down to see the shoot (along with some behind the scenes photos). All photo credit goes to Amber Williams Photography. Be sure to visit her Facebook or Instagram and follow along for more of her adventures!

Taking In The Green Scenery!

We started in the greens! It made for an excellent, full background!

Baby Bump Draped In Ivy

Floral on Floral!

Next we moved onto the floral! I’m no photographer but it was obvious why we needed to spend a LOT of time in this section! Between the beautiful colors and the opportunity to use the flowers as props it was an ideal set up.

Baby bump with floral


Don’t Forget The Sparkle!

And of course no trip to the craft store is complete without glitter…

(no floors were harmed in the making of this photo)

Blowing pink glitter from hands

Behind The Scenes

As promised, here are some behind the scenes photos of our little adventure! If you’re wondering on a scale of 1-10, how crazy we looked wandering around doing this….I’d say about a 10 to other shoppers and a 1 to the employees! They must see it pretty often now since one employee passed by and said “Michaels Challenge?”! You caught us!

Sitting in Feathered boas




More Than Just A Challenge

This photo shoot was such a blast! Not only was it fun to do the #MichaelsChallenge but it was a great chance to spend some time with my friends and let loose before the baby arrives! And I will forever and always treasure these incredible photos thanks to Amber Williams Photography!

Have YOU taken the #MichaelsChallenge yet?

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