Baby Charm Stroller Organizer Review

I received a complementary Baby Charm Stroller Organizer in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and recommendations are my own. Thank you for your continued support of our blog.

As a mom, convenience has become a priority in my life. I need to be prepared at all times. I’m talking armed to the teeth with diapers, snacks, backup onesies, toys…you name it and I’m probably going to do my best to have it on hand. 

This is why a reliable organizer, like the Baby charm found on Amazon, is so crucial in my day to day routine. Of course I have a big diaper bag that I tote around on errands, to Doctor’s appointments, and play dates. But when I took up running, I realized I needed something more compact. 

At first I was storing things in the bottom of the stroller. It worked for a while (when I was new to running and going at snail speed). But after a while I started needing more supplies for longer runs and I had things like water bottles moving around and leaking all over the diapers (that was a whole catastrophe I’d rather not rehash). 

So when I was offered the chance to try out the Baby Charm Stroller Oraganizer, I couldn’t turn it down. I had to see what this bad boy was made of.

It turns out, it’s made of pure GOLD. Okay not literal gold. But in mom terms, it is AMAZING. Let me just count the ways…

What I Love About the Baby Charm Stroller Organizer

Aside from its endless compartments for storage, it has both a removable changing pad and storage pouch. Perfect if you need to step away for a moment. Or so you don’t have to cram your gigantic stroller into that tiny bathroom stall. 

Detachable changing pad

Of course no stroller organizer is complete without cup holders. But wait! It gets better. They’re ADJUSTABLE. Now I can fit my toddler’s sippy cup AND my obnoxiously large water bottle (although who am I kidding, I never drink that much water) without spilling a drop!

Also a win in my book, the magnetic compartment. No one wants to be at the park for an extra hour searching for the keys that fell out of the bottom of the stroller. 

I’m serious ladies. The amount of storage in the Baby charm stroller organizer is UNREAL. 

Detachable compartment, ideal for your cell phone and wallet

And the cherry on top of it all? Actually, there are THREE. 

  1. It’s incredibly easy to attach with literal military grade Velcro. That bad boy is going NOWHERE. Unless of course, you want it to. In which case…
  2. It has an adjustable shoulder strap! You can take the entire thing with you if you need to step away from the stroller or need an on hand diaper bag.
  3. And finally, the PRICE. It’s completely affordable at $30.99
Take your Baby Charm on the go with an adjustable shoulder strap!

On the other hand…

Normally I would list off a few downsides to a product that I review here. Let’s be honest, nothing is perfect.

However, in this case I was so pleased with the Baby Charm Stroller Organizer, I’m having a hard time finding much to complain about. 

The one thing that sticks out to me is that it’s not made for a side by side double stroller. Currently the only version they have to offer is for a standard stroller or an umbrella stroller. Which is great! With that said, as you can see below, the straps ARE completely adjustable enough that I can make it work. I’m left without complaint!

There you have it!

Mom, toddler, and baby approved. We love the Baby Charm Stroller Organizer and will be using it on many of our adventures in the future!

Have you tried the Baby charm stroller organizer yet? What are some of your tips for staying organized when you’re on the go?

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