DIY On A Dime – Valentine’s Day Blocks

It was Sunday and I was spending the better half of the morning trying to brainstorm a craft to do on our Facebook Live that night.

Our team recently challenged us to 30 days of lives and I figured “sure why not?!”. I did not however, figure how many different ideas I would have to come up with on the fly to entertain our viewers.

Just when I thought inspiration would never hit, I saw my husband bobbing by outside with a big box of scrap wood. “STOP!”, I yelled and bolted outside forgetting my shoes (thankfully we’re in NC and our weather hasn’t gotten the memo that it’s Winter and should be less than 68 degrees outside).

Zach looked at me like I was crazy when I told him we don’t throw away perfectly good scraps of wood. He assured me there was nothing worth saving and begrudgingly let me dig through. Out of a giant box of wood, I was only able to salvage three pieces.

Three beautiful, flawless, FREE pieces. Right away I knew we could transform these blocks with a little paste and twine.

Now I’ll share with you a fun and quick project you can do at home!


Scrap wood. This can be scraps from a previous project or even an old sign you have in the house, or that you found at a yard sale. Most signs you can sand and repaint if you want to!

Paint. Any craft paint will do. Chalk paint, acrylic…it’s all about using what you have!

Chalkology Paste And a Chalk Couture Transfer.

Paste used: Peony

Transfers used: Vintage Truck Add On Springtime And Sprinkled with Love

Twine! You should always have twine in your craft box for projects on the fly.


Paint your wood blocks. I chose white but any color will do! I also used a chalk paint but any paint you have in the house already will work!


Once completely dried, wax your surface using a chalk paint finishing wax or the Chalk Couture Wax Stick. This will protect the paint from peeling up with the transfer. Just use a paper towel to gently apply it to your surface. Wipe off any excess.


FUZZ your transfer! This will protect it from stretching when you remove it.

And apply it to your surface.


Use your squeegee to apply your chalk paste to the transfer. We want the paste to be mixed to a sour cream consistency. When applying we want only a thin layer. So that we can see the design through the paste itself!


Remove your transfer, wash in cold water (no soap!), lay out to dry and reuse later!


Simply wrap your twine around the blocks you want and tie in a knot in the back or in a bow on the front.

VOILA! You have a simple and affordable decoration for your mantle!

What ways would you customize these blocks if you did them with what you have at home? Share your ideas below!

See the LIVE tutorial on our Facebook Business Page: Apples and Azaleas Handmade with Love

For even more crafting fun, join our FREE VIP group!

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