DIY Herb Garden Tags

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DIY Herb Garden Tags

Let me start by saying that I am NO gardener. I once killed a cactus after just two days. However, I NEVER pass up an opportunity for a cute and simple craft.

That’s why, using a transfer I had laying around and leftover tags from Christmas, I decided to DIY these beautiful little herb garden labeling tags.

What You Need:

  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Popsicle sticks (3)
  • Squeegee
  • Chalkology Paste (I used shimmer gold and parakeet here)
  • Chalk Couture Transfer – FRESH HERBS
  • Chalk Couture Tag Minis (they come in a 6 pack but we only used 3 here)

The project was short and sweet and I think the end product was a cute one! Check out the step by step fast track tutorial below!

I really love being able to take something so simple and turn it into something beautiful, unique, and even useful! Now if I can JUST get these herbs to actually grow, we’ll be SET!

What did you think of this project? Are there any other creative ways you think I should use the Tag Minis? Let me know in the comments!

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Kid’s Canvas Art


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I love canvas painting! Give me a blank canvas and some acrylic paint and I will be in heaven. There are endless possibilities for what you can do with it (even if you don’t consider yourself an artistic person). 

Since having my son I haven’t had much time to pursuer this hobby of mine (surprise, surprise). However, now that he’s 1 and showing interest in things like coloring, I figured it was time to introduce him to the big times.

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Upcycled Happy Planner Frame

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I recently caved and joined the Happy Planner craze. I’m a note taker and list maker (really I just like the feeling of acomplishment when I get to check things off!).

So I found a sale and got my first Happy Planner! It’s beautiful with flowers on the cover and pretty inspirational sayings on the inside, things like:

“Savor the small things.” And “Focus on the good.”

It’s even packed full of pages with fun and chic designs.

So each month as I went to empty out the previous section I found myself setting aside the decorative pages. The thrifty side of me said it would be a waste to throw such pretty pictures out. While the crafty side of me said there has to be SOMETHING I can do with these. Eventually I had a nice little pile sitting on my desk. My husband finally insisted that I stop hoarding them or finally do something with them.

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Mission Valentine

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to come up with a fun and creative date with your special someone.

Now I’m a sucker for a good spy movie, that’s why I thought creating a “Top Secret Mission” for my man would be a blast!

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DIY Nursery for Under $40


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Decorating your nursery; by far one of the most exciting activities in preparation for Baby’s arrival. Many pregnant mamas will feel that “nesting” itch; especially in the third trimester when The Day is so quickly approaching. Boy did I get it full force! My husband was deployed to Japan and I was growing restless in anticipation for our little bundle of joy to arrive.

   I have always been a crafty person (as well as a thrifty one) so I jumped at the chance to make my nursery decorations from scratch (saving us a bit of money in the process). Deciding to DIY it also gave me the freedom to go with any theme I could come up with. Those who know me were not shocked to find out that I chose both a Disney AND a book theme: Little Golden Book. These classic books had a look to them that I just adored and they offered many Disney versions.


   Now that I had a theme and a plan, I had to come up with the decorations themselves. I wanted to be careful not to overwhelm the room (thus over stimulating the baby) with my theme so instead I added some subtle touches. By doing so I was also able to save quite a bit of money by not loading up on a ton of themed merchandise.

   Although the following projects are specific to my nursery theme, they can easily be adapted to fit any theme; from nautical to princess to even jungle. Here are my simple, yet adorable (in my opinion) nursery decorations:

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