Inking on Chalk Couture’s Burlap Board

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Inking on Chalk Couture’s Burlap Board

Burlap is one of my all time favorite crafting mediums. Need a cute bow for your sign? Add a burlap ribbon! Making your own holiday wreath? Use some burlap! Not only is it versatile, and something you likely have laying around in your craft box, but it is BEAUTIFUL.

In case you haven’t noticed I’m a big fan. So I when Chalk Couture dropped this burlap board during our last launch, I knew I HAD to get my hands on it.

This surface was so easy to craft with. For this particular DIY project, I decided to use our ink. Ink is a permanent option when chalking on fabric. With a burlap sign that won’t be washed or wet at any point, I could have used the paste just as well.

Ink vs. Paste when deciding which to use on a project.

I would typically use paste on a decorative sign but I wanted to see how ink would come out on burlap. Note: I did have to allow the ink to dry then I ironed on a low heat setting for 8 minutes with parchment paper between the design and the iron.

(By heat setting it this way, I was able to skip the step of sealing it with a poly spray)

I loved the end result of this particular piece and will definitely be using this surface in future projects! Check out how quick and simple it was to do…

Ready to DIY your own?



Now you have the perfect piece for your master bedroom, for your DIY wedding, or for a unique gift from the heart.

What do you think of this project? Would you add any embellishments to it?

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New Year, Same Me

New Year, Same Me

I am completely new to the blogging world and with that in mind I am here to learn and grow. I’ve seen friends use blogging as an outlet, to expand their personal business, and to bring in extra income for their family. All of these seem to be great opportunities (especially as a stay at home mom!). That is why I have decided to dive right in and see what I can offer to this community of bloggers. I will be posting various DIY projects (keep an eye out for some interesting fails), recipes (cooking is my favorite outlet), parenting tips (we’re all here to learn as we go), and more! It’s a new year but I’m still the same person. The only difference is I’ve decided to share the experience with you all this time around.